Lea Robinson

Lea Robinson, vice president of sales and marketing for Staton Corporate & Casual, has recently started a great new apparel blog full of fashion tips and product suggestions. Be sure to check it out this month for the scoop on blazers, V-necks and pink awareness items.

WHEN THE FEDERAL government created the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) in 1958, people were looking to venture into the most remote locations imaginable. The thirst for discovery was demanding and required vast sums of capital to invest in new technologies, inventions and enhancements. NASA contracted many businesses and manufacturing plants to create tools that would meet the needs of space travel. Once the new technology was in place, these companies had the building blocks to manufacture space-age products on a large scale and reduce prices, making them accessible to average consumers. NASA can be thanked for home smoke detectors, cordless drills and

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