Michael Bistocchi

Maria Cruz has been hired on as associate product manager for CleggPromo's Point of Purchase division. Maria comes to CleggPromo with a strong organizational background from her experience at a Paper Distributorship.

Michael Bistocchi, senior vice president of CleggPromo, Gardena, Calif., announced a revenue jump of 22 percent over the same period in 2010 during the company's second quarter board meeting.

Michael Bistocchi was recently rehired at Torrance, California-based Clegg Industries after spending the last six years on the distributor side of the industry. Bistocchi was most recently director of sales at top 40 distributorship PromoShop. Bistocchi returns to Clegg as vice president of sales. “Working with the likes of Memo Kahan, Jim Buescher, Bob Levitt, Kris Robinson and Tad Webster was like being part of the first team [industry] distributor all stars,” Bistocchi said. “The knowledge, experience and creativity flowing in and out of that place was amazing. It was a daily dose of sales, marketing and creativity with some of the top

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