Paige Cannon

You don't have to thank us.
Over the course of the last year, yes, we’ve done the work for you. We made the phone calls, tracked down the information and basically annoyed anyone in our collective path—all in the name of quality editorial coverage.

RETAIL TRENDS HAVE been inching their way into the promotional apparel market for some time now, but none have made quite as much headway as urban wear (comparatively speaking, of course). For the past two years especially, it’s been the embodiment of what is considered fashion-forward in the current market, and is showing no signs of fatigue. To help distributors ride the wave successfully, Promo Marketing has developed a primer for integrating the latest urban trends into today’s apparel promotions. LESSON 1: MARKING TERRITORY The argument’s as old as that one about the chicken and the egg. The demand for trendy

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