Tony M. Karlicek

You don't have to thank us.
Over the course of the last year, yes, we’ve done the work for you. We made the phone calls, tracked down the information and basically annoyed anyone in our collective path—all in the name of quality editorial coverage.

THE INTRICACIES OF English vernacular are, at once, lauded and lamented. American colloquialisms have been known to trip up (often humorously) those who can’t quite navigate their ins and outs. Others, however, delight in the many turns of phrase at their disposal. Take, for instance, the cache of expressions coined to describe what one can do with a hat: keep things under it, throw it in the ring, wear more than one, and so on. And each token saying refers to a different, and markedly non-hat-related, activity. When literally dealing with the item at hand, a similar number of possibilities abound. With countless fabrics,

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