Jake Himelstein was named president of BAMKO in July after several years as chief financial officer and chief operating officer. Jake joined the show to tell us what's next for the Los Angeles-based distributor as it looks to build on the tremendous success it saw in 2020 and early 2021.

Part of that plan? A big move in the uniforms space aimed at giving BAMKO a decisive edge when it comes to meeting the rapidly evolving expectations of modern promotional products customers. Jake also discussed how (and why) BAMKO is making a major play for the recognition and corporate gifting market, assessed the industry's supply chain outlook and shared his long-term vision for promo.

Plus, Sean and Brendan give a yes/no rundown of all 26 branded items Pabst Blue Ribbon is paying people to display in their homes (including one that made them irrationally angry) and share an important BREAKING NEWS announcement involving the latest promotional product from friend of the show Elon Musk.

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