27 Arrested in Raid on Apparel Vendor and Decorator Sportex Apparel

Nearly 30 people have been arrested after the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office served a search warrant Friday at a Tempe, Arizona-based company accused of hiring workers illegally. The company, Sportex Apparel, sells and decorates apparel.

Officer Christopher Hegstrom with MCSO said the search warrant was served around 12:30 p.m. at Sportex Apparel LLC, located near 52nd Street and University Drive. In a seven-month long investigation, deputies learned that as many as 19 employees were using false identification to work at Sportex, said Hegstrom.

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  • EntitledAmerican

    Interesting. We’ll see how many natives come to the job fair. And how long they last as employees. My nephew has a business in Florda. Based on his own experience – not some talking head commentator – he will give preference to those applicant for whom English is not their first language. It is his EXPERIENCE that they are more dependable, harder workers, and appreciate the opportunity to earn, unlike "natives" who feel entitled to the check but not the work.

  • commonrob

    Love the comment form EntitiledAmerican. Why don’t YOU just move your business, and yourself out of the country and just enjoy all of the outside labor of your choice. I bet your parents would be so proud of you and you really don’t belong here and who do you think created the entitled American, folks just like you and I bet you don’t even drive and American vehicle!

    Very sad!