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Why You Have to Be Transparent in Your Business
March 6, 2015 From Business 2 Community
Being transparent in your business is very important in the age of digital marketing and social media. You can Google just about anyone or anything. Dig harder and you can find the truth even if they won’t admit it. Being transparent is more than being honest, it’s building an honest...
9 Big Obstacles Small Businesses Face and Some Solutions
March 6, 2015 From Small Business Trends
Last week’s Main Street Forum (NYC) focused on the challenges small business owners face in growing and running their businesses. The resounding themes of the forum were—what is the definition of a small business and how can companies selling small business services make running a small business easier? The Main Street...
Humbled Amazon Turns to Rival Alibaba for Help in China
March 6, 2015 From Entrepreneur is hurting in China, and looking weaker. Yesterday, Chinese reporters discovered that Amazon had opened a store on rival Alibaba Group Holdings’ Tmall platform, a website for verified brands like Nike, Apple and P&G to sell to Chinese shoppers.
Tmall is a prized venue for Western brands trying to...
PM Video Battle: The Magnet Group Versus Debco
March 6, 2015 From News
It's The Magnet Group versus Debco in this week's Video Battle!
Milestone Recognition's Buffalo, N.Y. Headquarters
Milestone Recognition Opens New Northeast Shipping Hub
March 6, 2015 From News
Milestone Recognition announced this month a Buffalo, N.Y. distribution hub for shipping its more than 800 recognition products, from $2 medals to $700 award wall plaques.
17 Percent of Employees Would Rather Watch Paint Dry Than Attend Meetings
March 5, 2015 From Inc.
They may be called "status meetings" "check-ins" "team meetings" or "updates." You may have them once a month, once a week, once a day or once every quarter. They all have one thing in common: Your employees hate them. It might surprise you to learn just how much. In a recent...
Learn Changes to Small Business Health Care Tax Credit
March 5, 2015 From Small Business Administration
Small employers should be aware of changes to the small business health care tax credit, a provision in the Affordable Care Act that gives a tax credit to eligible small employers who provide health care to their employees. Beginning in 2014, there are changes to the tax credit that may affect...
Graphic Design USA Magazine Honors InnerWorkings
March 5, 2015 From News
Chicago-based InnerWorkings has been selected as a winner of Graphic Design USA Magazine’s 2015 American Package Design Awards for its creative execution work developed for PNC Financial Services.
Customs Seizes Children’s Bags at Houston Seaport
March 5, 2015 From News
U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) announced yesterday its officers had confiscated more than 6,000 children’s backpacks and lunch bags on two different occasions. Both times authorities determined the China exports had extremely high levels of lead.
New York Stock Exchange Suspends Standard Register Stock
March 5, 2015 From Dayton Daily News
The Standard Register Co. has received written notice that trading of the Dayton-based company’s common stock on the New York Stock Exchange would be suspended before the NYSE opened Wednesday, company officials announced. The New York Stock Exchange delisted Standard Register’s stock because the company has fallen below the NYSE’s continued...
Postal Regulatory Commission Approves USPS Price Hikes
March 5, 2015 From News
The Postal Regulatory Commission (PRC) approved requests from the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) to increase prices on certain services last week.
This Self-cleaning Shirt Is the Only White Tee You'll Ever Need
March 4, 2015 From Complex
The plain white T-shirt is, without a doubt, one of the most important items a man can own. This wardrobe staple can be worn as a layering piece or simply by itself for a clean, effortless look-providing an endless amount of versatility and practicality. However, there is one downside to...
Bangladesh Blank T-shirt Maker Keya Serves U.S. Market Through Southeast Operation
March 4, 2015 From California Apparel News
Keya, a Bangladesh-based producer of 100 percent cotton T-shirts and other knit apparel, is finding success in the U.S. market by using a North Carolina beachhead as its distribution point. Keya USA is growing as it penetrates markets for products for advertising specialty and screen-printing markets. Keya is the largest...
6 Dangerous Lies Entrepreneurs Tell Themselves
March 4, 2015 From Entrepreneur
Entrepreneurs are liars. No, they don’t necessarily make it a habit to lie to their spouses, friends or the police. But entrepreneurs lie to themselves on a daily basis. And it’s killing their businesses. It’s time to put a stop to the lying and come clean. If confession is good...
Should Old Navy Advertise 'Boyfriend' Jeans to Kids?
March 4, 2015 From ABC News
Old Navy, the clothing chain known for its moderately priced clothes and wide range of styles and sizes, is making headlines for advertising its "boyfriend" and "super skinny" styles of jeans to kids. The chain, which is owned by Gap Inc., has a photo of a young girl in jeans on...
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