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8 Ways to Delight Your Customer Today
July 29, 2014 From Inc.
Most companies strive to satisfy their customers. That's why they run customer satisfaction surveys to see if they are succeeding. But is customer satisfaction a worthy goal? I believe satisfaction is the bare minimum of what a customer should get in their experience. Sure it's perfectly fine that the customer wants...
Before You Break Up With That Problem Customer, Go Down This List
July 29, 2014 From Entrepreneur
Not every customer is ideal. Some are so bad, they can make us wonder why we decided to start our business. Let’s face it—sometimes there are good reasons to fire a customer. When a relationship becomes badly damaged, it can be the best for all concerned. However, deciding not to serve...
ETS Adds 20 New Products to 2014 Catalog
July 29, 2014 From News

With the release of its second 2014 catalog last week, ETS Express Inc., Oxnard, Calif., now offers 20 new drinkware products. Additionally, the catalog includes a better explanation of sales tools, decoration techniques, insulation options and four-color process details.

Ash City, alphabroder Canada Welcome New Sales Rep
July 29, 2014 From News
Ash City announced the addition of a new territory sales representative.
USPS Mail Delivered After Dark
July 29, 2014 From CNN Money
Mail is supposed to hit your mailbox before 5 pm. But thanks to cost-cutting measures and a shrinking work force, U.S. Postal Service letter carriers in cities are delivering mail in the evening as many as two days a week, or more. And if you live in Atlanta, Washington D.C., Richmond, Va.,...
Hub Pen Donates to Marine Corps Nonprofit
July 29, 2014 From News
Hub Pen Company, Braintree, Mass., donated to a Congressional-chartered nonprofit for U.S. Marine Corps veterans.
Wolfmark Acquires Creative Imprints
July 29, 2014 From News
Wolfmark, Neenah, Wis., announced its acquisition of Creative Imprints, Menasha, Wis., last week. Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.
The Most Common Hidden Hotel Fees (and How to Avoid Them)
July 25, 2014 From Lifehacker
When you book a hotel room with a decent travel booking site, you might think that you're getting a great deal. Then when you arrive you're hit with fees you didn't know about. Here are some of the most common culprits and a few things you can do to avoid...
Selco Partners with Fast-Fix
July 25, 2014 From News
Selco recently announced its partnership with jewelry and watch repair company Fast-Fix. When in need of watch resizing, recipients of new Selco timepieces will now be able to bring their watches in to a local Fast-Fix location.
PM Video Battle: Comedic Alien Sightings Versus Models and Indie Music
July 25, 2014 From News
This week's video battle pits Gill Studios' alien observers against the models and music of Bodek and Rhodes' 2014 catalog.
Are You a High Performer or a Workaholic? 5 Ways to Tell
July 24, 2014 From Inc.
Productive and busy, we all know, are two fundamentally different things. The trouble is they can sometimes look a lot like each other, at least on the surface. That makes it easy for entrepreneurs to mistake their own packed schedules—or those of their employees—for evidence of exceptional achievement. What's needed is...
Hanesbrands Inc. Has Record-breaking Second Quarter
July 24, 2014 From News
Hanesbrands, Winston-Salem, N.C., attributed its strong second quarter numbers to its Maidenform Brands Inc. acquisition, activewear performance and increased operating efficiencies.
Women Small-business Owners Face Gender Gap, Report Says
July 24, 2014 From ABC News
Women who own small businesses are still far behind their male counterparts when it comes to getting loans and government contracts, a congressional report said Wednesday. The report by Democratic staffers of the Senate Small Business and Entrepreneurship Committee found that while businesses owned by women account for 30 percent of...
Gold Bond Offers EQP Through Dec. 31
July 24, 2014 From News
To celebrate Gold Bond Inc.'s acquisition of World Wide Line that was announced July 10, the Hixson, Texas-based supplier will offer end quality pricing (EQP) to all distributors through the end of 2014.
American Apparel to Appoint Four New Board Members
July 24, 2014 From News
Los Angeles-based American Apparel announced yesterday selections for its four new board members, including its first woman board member.
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