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4 Magic Words Every Salesperson Should Know
December 18, 2014 From Inc.
When talking with a potential customer, your primary goal is to gather information. You want to understand that customer's needs, discover whether they've got a budget for what you're selling, find out what they've tried in the past, and so forth. However, asking questions early in a conversation can be awkward....
Stromberg Hires New Director of Sales
December 18, 2014 From News
Stromberg Brand Umbrellas, Valley Cottage, N.Y., announced the hiring of industry veteran Dan Pigott as director of sales.
HanesBrands Sues Gildan for Trademark Infringement
December 18, 2014 From News
Hanesbrands Inc., Winston-Salem, N.C., filed a lawsuit against Gildan Activewear, Montreal, Canada, alleging its competitor infringed on the trademarked X-TEMP moisture-wicking name and logo.
Ex-Nike Promotional Product Manager Pleads Guilty to Selling Stolen Sneakers
December 18, 2014 From News
A Portland man admitted to stealing and selling hundreds of sneakers over the course of a few years while working at Nike, Beaverton, Ore., and continuing the conspiracy with his predecessor after he left the company.
USPS Board of Governors to Maintain Powers Despite Lack of Quorum
December 18, 2014 From Post and Parcel
Last week the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) saw its chairman Mickey Barnett coming to the end of his first term as a USPS governor, leaving only three independent governors plus the postmaster general and deputy postmaster general on the board. Barnett is up for reappointment, along with four other candidates to...
Nike Reveals Recovered Emails, Texts in Lawsuit Against Former Designers
December 17, 2014 From Fast Company
The lawsuit between Nike and three designers—Marc Dolce, Mark Miner and Denis Dekovic, who turned in their swoosh to start a hip new design studio for rival Adidas—is starting to heat up. After filing a $10 million lawsuit against the designers on Monday, the Portland-based footwear company has submitted new...
5 Fashion Trends That Need to Die in 2015
December 17, 2014 From Elle
First, the disclaimer: Not every trend on this list is inherently bad. Some of them I actually really like, it's just that in the past year, everyone—from celebs to street style stars to the chick ahead of me in the juice bar line—has been wearing them. I'd like to see...
Delta Apparel Announces Fiscal 2014 Fourth Quarter and Year-end Results
December 17, 2014 From News
Delta Apparel, Greenville, S.C., recently reported its fourth quarter and year-end results for 2014. Net sales for the fiscal year ended Sept. 27, 2014 were $452.9 million, versus $483.0 million in the prior year.
These Jeans Use RFID-blocking Fabric to Prevent Identify Theft
December 17, 2014 From Digital Trends
Developed in a partnership between clothing designer Betabrand and security software company Norton, a new pair of men's jeans, as well as a women's blazer, will include a lining of radio frequency identification (RFID) blocking material to prevent a trend the two companies are calling "digital pickpocketing." According to the crowdfunding page for...
Striving to Stay Relevant, Small Business Administration Evolves Under New Leader
December 17, 2014 From The Washington Post
The setting was rather standard for a Washington event—a large room inside a government building, complete with a stage and an ornate podium along one wall. However, no one stepped on stage. No one spoke at the podium. Instead of the semi-scripted panel discussions and question-and-answer sessions you might expect here,...
STOPNGO to Relocate to New Facility
December 17, 2014 From News
STOPNGO Line, Industry, Calif., has announced its company will relocate, consolidating its facilities to a new facility in City of Industry, Calif.—about three miles west of its current headquarters.
VF Corp. Guarantees Loans to Improve Factory Safety in Bangladesh
December 17, 2014 From bdnews24
VF Corp. in a press release issued on Wednesday said it would provide “full guarantee” for a loan of up to $10 million that IFC, a member of the World Bank Group, and its partner BRAC Bank, will lend to its suppliers in Bangladesh. The funding arrangement was designed to help...
Landway Adds Mike Sellers as Key Account Director
December 17, 2014 From News
Landway International, San Francisco, recently announced that Mike Sellers has joined the outerwear company as the new key account director. Sellers will be responsible for growing Landway's brand nationally through key relationships with distributors in target markets.
If You Want to Succeed, Here Are 5 Things You Need to Do Differently
December 17, 2014 From Entrepreneur
No matter what your individual definition of success may be, finding it can often be a challenge. Whether it's career success, monetary success or something in between, most people have a certain level of accomplishment that they want to reach in their lives. However, many fail to reach that magical...
Proforma Marcom Solutions Acquires Eastern Advertising Novelty
December 17, 2014 From News
Proforma Marcom Solutions, owned by Brian Kwiatkowski, has acquired Eastern Advertising Novelty. The distributor, based in Marlborough, Mass., will now operate as Eastern Advertising Novelty powered by Proforma. Financial terms of the deal were not released.
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