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3 Technology Trends That Are Transforming The Customer Experience
August 28, 2015 From Business 2 Community
To stay ahead of the competition, it’s important for marketing leaders to have an eye on trends that have the potential to accelerate—or disrupt—their businesses.
At Opticon 2015, Mary Hamilton, managing director of Accenture Technology Labs, shared a vision for the future that we’re excited to be a part of,...
Alliance Rubber Company Introduces Mover Bands
August 28, 2015 From News
Alliance Rubber Company, Hot Springs, Ark., has added Mover Bands to its list of products.
PM Video Battle: Prime Line Versus Beacon Promotions
August 28, 2015 From News
It's Prime Line versus Beacon Promotions in this week's Video Battle!
CleggPromo Inc. Recalls Power Bank
August 28, 2015 From News
CleggPromo Inc., Gardena, Calif., announced yesterday that it is holding a voluntary recall on its CPB-100 power bank. Approximately 1,000 pieces were sold to seven customers from 2013 through 2015.
Beacon Promotions Becomes a Member of the Legacy Group
August 28, 2015 From News
Beacon Promotions, New Ulm, Minn., has become a member of the Legacy Group, which formed 15 years ago and has grown to include seven U.S. and Canadian distributor companies representing more than $200 million in buying power.  
The Basics of How I Built a Seven-figure Business Without Employees
August 27, 2015 From Entrepreneur
There is a lot to be said for those rare few that possess the ability to create huge companies with hundreds or thousands of employees that are all just ecstatic to be at work. It is exceptionally difficult and equally as impressive, which is why they end up taking up...
5 Ways You’re Killing Your Own Motivation Without Even Knowing It
August 27, 2015 From Inc.
Building and sustaining personal motivation is tricky business. When you're motivated, you're able to work better and faster, and stay happier while doing it. But, when you're unmotivated, you'll lag behind your typical rate of productivity and feel lousy throughout the process. To make things even more complicated, motivation is a...
Miles Wadsworth, president of Logo Mats LLC
Miles Wadsworth Promoted to President of Logo Mats LLC
August 27, 2015 From News
Logo Mats LLC, LaGrange, Ga., has announced that Miles Wadsworth has earned a promotion to the position of president. Wadsworth will move into this role immediately. 
Chicago Division of Summit Group to Move to Bloomingdale, Ill.
August 27, 2015 From News
Summit Group, Itasca, Ill., has announced it is moving its warehouse in Itasca, Ill. this fall to a new facility in Bloomingdale, Ill.
Tim Rosica, Stromberg Brand Umbrellas
Stromberg Brand Umbrellas Hires Tim Rosica to Cover Mid Atlantic and New York
August 27, 2015 From News
The Hudson Valley Umbrella Company—the home of Stromberg Brand Umbrellas, Valley Cottage, N.Y.—has announced the hiring of award-winning multi-line sales rep Tim Rosica.
The "My Prime Minister embarasses me" tote bags, via Metro News Canada
Canadian Artists Fight the Power with Tote Bags
August 27, 2015 From News
Two Canadian artists have voiced their opinions on Prime Minister Stephen Harper in an interesting fashion (pun intended)—tote bags. The two artists, Pascal Paquette and Ellyn Walker, have created tote bags with the phrase, "My prime minister embarrasses me."
High School Bans Non-Seattle Sports Apparel Because of Gang Issues
August 27, 2015 From Q13 Fox
Administrators at Mariner High School in Everett, Wash. have banned jerseys and sports apparel not related to a Seattle team.
The Snohomish Regional Drug and Gang Task Force says some students are wearing different colored sports apparel simply to associate with different gangs. Worried about possible violence, they recommended the...
Lilly Pulitzer Sues Old Navy for Copyright Infringement
August 26, 2015 From Fortune
Lilly Pulitzer, known for its bright and unique fabric patterns, is suing Old Navy for copyright infringement, saying the Gap-owned unit blatantly stole two of the designer’s fabric prints.
While apparel designs are not covered by any intellectual property laws, one-of-a-kind prints and patterns do fall under that protection. Sugartown...
Bangladesh Is Building 'Garment Villages' to Double Its Clothing Exports
August 26, 2015 From Quartz
The rapid growth of Bangladesh’s garment industry has been a blessing and a burden to the country. Even as it has provided jobs to millions and helped Bangladesh cut its poverty rate, it has also exploited the nation’s poorest and most desperate, leading to the gratuitous and preventable deaths of...
Under Armour Is Suing Pretty Much Every Company Using the Name ‘Armor’
August 26, 2015 From The Washington Post
In 2013, a Bible-quoting high school football champion named Terrance Jackson, upset that most of the clothing options for his 3-year-old son were covered in skulls and crossbones, decided to start his own “inspirational apparel” company with a scripture-inspired name, Armor & Glory.
The family business hasn’t grown much since...
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