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7 Proven Ways to Write Emails that Connect with Clients
January 23, 2015 From Business 2 Community
As humans we’re all different, however in many situations our brains are prone to react to psychological triggers in a similar manner. Understanding what are the key factors for successful email writing will empower you to hone in on your skills to persuade others to take a desired course of...
8 Inspiring Habits of Truly Remarkable Bosses
January 23, 2015 From Time
Conventional wisdom—and a bunch of research—says people don’t quit their companies; they quit their bosses. Of course that means the opposite must also be true: people who love their bosses should stay at that company even if they could find (within reason) better pay and benefits somewhere else.
So how...
ePromos Announces Winners of 2015 Top Supplier Awards
January 23, 2015 From News
ePromos Promotional Products Inc., New York, a leading online distributor of custom logo merchandise, has announced the winners of its 2015 Top Supplier Awards.
AIA Corporation Announces Owner Satisfaction Survey Highlights
January 23, 2015 From News
AIA Corporation announced owner satisfaction survey results. Because AIA owners receive products and services from multiple areas, getting feedback is essential.
PM Video Battle: Triton Sales and Marketing Versus Prime Line
January 23, 2015 From News
It's Triton Sales and Marketing versus Prime Line in this week's video battle!
10 Ways to Prepare Your Company for Explosive Growth
January 22, 2015 From Inc.
By now, your New Year's resolutions have worn off. The everyday pressures of running a business have taken you back to business as usual. And that means all those plans for growing your business have fallen by the wayside, too. Instead of having a plan, all you have is hope. And we...
University of Minnesota Researchers Make Sustainable Magnet
January 22, 2015 From Minnesota Daily
Cheaper and greener magnets could soon be on the market. A research team at the University of Minnesota’s Institute on the Environment is creating a new sustainable magnet to market to customers in the next couple of years. The project, which recently received a $10,000 prize, aims to produce magnets out...
USPS Seeks to Increase First-class Mail Rates
January 22, 2015 From News
The U.S. Postal Service (USPS) stated its intent to raise the price of certain services while keeping the Forever Stamps at their current price.
SnugZ Hires Three New Sales Employees
January 22, 2015 From News
SnugZ USA, West Jordan, Utah, has added three new regional sales managers that will strategically divide the country to better serve the supplier.
Premier Group Announces Addition of Four Suppliers
January 22, 2015 From News
The Premier Group has announced four new suppliers members for 2015.
The Small Habits That Improve Your Business
January 21, 2015 From Startup Collective
When you’re starting a business as a young entrepreneur, it seems like there are an infinite number of tasks to juggle. That’s why it’s so important to stay on top of the details, no matter how tiny or tedious. Small changes, like reducing the amount of time you spend each...
Super Bowl XLIX, 2014 Conference Phantom Merchandise
January 21, 2015 From
As we get settled into the ever-exciting "Bye Week," let's take a moment to look back on yesterday's NFL conference championship games. First, in the NFC the Seattle Seahawks rallied back to win a game I had long switched the channel on (and therefore missed the entire comeback). Below is a...
Seattle Port Terminal Reopens After Labor Dispute
January 21, 2015 From News
Terminal 18 at the Port of Seattle reopened this morning after a dispute with the longshore union resulted in a closure Tuesday afternoon.
Successful Entrepreneurs Never Do These 7 Things
January 21, 2015 From Small Business Trends
In a businessperson’s day, there are always more tasks than hours. The key to being successful is not to do more multitasking in an effort to cram more into each day. It’s not to work harder with longer hours to get everything done. What separates very successful people from the...
R.S. Owens and St. Regis Group Win Gold at PPAI Expo
January 21, 2015 From News
R.S. OwensPrestige Glass and Waterleaf Studios won top honors at the recent Supplier Achievement Awards held during the 2015 PPAI Expo in Las Vegas, Jan. 13-15.
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