Crystal D Donates Awards to the Third Annual Brendan Loney Golf Classic

Brendan Loney.

Clipped Golf Ball award from Crystal D.

Crystal D, St. Paul, Minn., donated five awards to the Third Annual Brendan Loney Golf Classic. The company’s Clipped Golf Ball was chosen to commemorate the event.

The golf tournament in Loney’s honor took place on August 18 at Fox Hollow Golf Course in St. Michael, Minn. In addition to golf, the event also included a silent auction and dinner. At the end of the day, Loney stated “This was the best day that I have had since my accident.”

Brendan Loney was injured in 2009 and is now a quadriplegic. He was told that he would never be able to breathe on his own and he’d only be able to move his shoulders. However, today Loney is breathing on his own, driving an electronic wheelchair, and is able to move his arms. More information about Brendan Loney and the Annual Golf Classic can be found here:

For more information, visit Crystal D’s website.

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