Hurricane Sandy Updates: Business Openings for Tuesday, Nov. 6

Below is a list of companies affected by Hurricane Sandy that were able to reopen as of 3:00 p.m. EST today. Notes on each company’s status have been provided where available. Companies that could not be reached for comment have been omitted in order to prevent confusion.

Since nearly all companies affected by Sandy are at least open in a limited capacity, this will be the last direct status update to the Promo Marketing website. Further news will be posted on our Facebook and Twitter accounts if need be. For Monday’s list of openings and closures, click here.

  • Admatch-Regal—New York City (Admatch’s servers, website and computer systems are completely restored since Hurricane Sandy. Customer service and accounting functions are back to normal. However, our phone system is still being worked on. Email remains the best and most reliable way to contact us in the interim. Please use All inquires will be responded to promptly. Thanks for your continued understanding and patience.)
  • Waldor Products—Jersey City, N.J. (With power and phones fully restored, the company is 100 percent up and running.)

PPAI and PPAI and the Promotional Products Disaster Relief Foundation (PPDRF) announced that the Business Recovery Fund (BRF) is available to suppliers and distributors affected by Hurricane Sandy. Contact the BRF at or (888) 426-7724 or at the link above.

Promo Marketing will continue to cover this story as it develops. If you have information about company closures, damages or announcements, send it to

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