A Room of Its Own

Promotions for every part of the house

“HOME IS WHERE the heart is,” may be perfectly cute and philosophical as far as generic cultural idioms go, but ?information-laden it is not. After all, the home is a big place, so where exactly in the house might the “heart” be? The kitchen? The crawlspace? Underneath the cushions of that old recliner you inherited from your great-uncle George, mixed up with spare change and that weird ancient crumb-dust that looks like smashed-up pretzels?

Okay. We can probably rule out the pretzel dust area. After that however, the process of elimination gets much tougher. Perhaps the best way to answer the above question would be to consult another famous figure of speech: “To each his own.”

Homes are as varied and idiosyncratic as the people who inhabit them. Some families may center around the kitchen, others the living room or backyard. Therefore, the best path to success with household promotions involves not only knowing the heart of your intended market, but also being prepared to sell to any part of the house.


Pet tags

Central to many a happy home is caring for the family pet, which is why Suhail Niazi, president and founder of ReturnMoi, a company based out of Kirkland, Quebec that specializes in promotional tracking tags for pet collars, recommended working with the love that people feel for their animals. “For many people [pets are] almost like their kids,” he said. Because of this emotional charge, he suggested products that would help the health or safety of pets. He explained that not only would the items be more likely to last, but the added value of helping to care for a pet was a great way to connect emotionally with end-users.

ReturnMoi‘s Pet Tags utilize a unique system of pet tracking that incorporates Web-based features as well as a 24-hour call center. (800) 831-0717 ext. 701

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