Promotions Unlimited Announces Name Change to Reflect Company’s Evolution

Promotions Unlimited, Chester, N.J., a developer of patient-centered support tools, announced it launched a new brand identity that better reflects the company’s evolution from a tactical product provider to a strategic solutions partner in the health care industry.

Now called Verité Inc., the 34-year-old company has developed a growing portfolio of creative tools and devices that support preventive medicine and help patients with chronic illnesses including diabetes, arthritis and Parkinson’s disease. These tools include a patented breast health awareness card, a needle injection cube and arthritic utensil grips.

“The name Verité better reflects our company’s mission to work at the ground level to present patients with hands-on tools that not only make their lives easier, but increase their therapeutic compliance–thus making them healthier,” said CEO Joan Charbonneau, who acquired the company eight years ago. “We are a company dedicated to helping our health care clients make a difference in the lives of patients,” stated Charbonneau.

Verité gains an objective perspective of patient needs through a variety of methods, including insight, observation, research and strategic alliances with some of the nation’s foremost health care companies, Charbonneau added.

Verité’s new positioning includes an updated logo and new company tag line, which are designed to reinforce the company’s mission as strategic health care partner.

For more information on Verité, visit or call (908) 470-9300.

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