Do You Have ID?

Halls & Company gives distributors the ability to participate in badge release programs. Distributors can order more than initially needed, put the extras into inventory, and go online to release more as required.

Dye sublimation has been popular for lanyards from SnugZ USA. Today's print technolog offers incredible detail—so great that you can print a face.

PromoVision Palomino can produce custom kits for clients with 50 printed lanyard, 50 pre-printed inserts with their logo and 50 vinyl holders. End-buyers can print employee names on the inserts with a standard printer.

The top 10 tips 
to selling badges 
and lanyards—straight from the pros

Lanyards and badges are taken for granted. Whether for work or school ID, gym memberships or trade show name tags, they’re all too often an afterthought for end-buyers. As a distributor, however, badges and lanyards can be the keys to your success. Consistent orders and reorders can make these pieces an attractive part of your product lineup.

Promo Marketing spoke to three suppliers well-versed in badge and lanyard sales: Eric Johnson, MAS, vice president of sales and development for Halls & Company, Brooklyn Park, Minn.; Shane Lemay, national sales manager for PromoVision Palomino, Memphis, Tenn. and Big Badge USA, Lititz, Pa.; and Megan Ludlow, marketing manager, SnugZ USA, Salt Lake City, Utah. Here are their top 10 tips to kick-start your badge and lanyard sales.

1. Give Them What They Want
Eric Johnson: Clients today want a full-color, high-resolution image to better portray their logo and image yet, they want this at an economical price point to fit into their current budget constraints. This has led to an investment in better digital print equipment … the simple sublimated logo generally won’t do it for more knowledgeable and demanding end-buyers.

2. Know Who Is Buying
Megan Ludlow: The health care industry, government agencies and schools are all very popular markets. Schools did see a bit of an increase over the years with security getting tighter.

3. Consider Cost
hane Lemay: Because of cost, vinyl holders with paper inserts seem to be the most common badge option. However, lanyards are still custom printed more often than not and mostly with a simple one-color silkscreen.

4. Timing Is Everything
J: For badges that are personalized the whole year is relatively stable. For nonpersonalized badges fall is typically the busier time when companies are hiring seasonal staff for the holidays.

Nichole Stella is group president/publishing director of Promo Marketing Media Group, which consists of Print+Promo, Promo Marketing and NonProfitPro.
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