Lights, Camera, Promotion!

Brittany Hahn

New-fashioned Writing Instruments

Writing helps me remember things way better than typing does. In "Write It Down, Make It Happen," author Henriette Anne Klauser says that your brain works overtime when you write, sending a signal to the cerebral cortex saying: “Wake up! Pay attention! Don’t miss that detail!” Read More >>


Not So Technically Speaking

Dale Denham

Top Blogs of 2014

I have thoroughly enjoyed receiving emails and seeing comments on my different blogs in 2014. Hopefully, I have delivered some useful insights to you in 2014 as I try to bring technical ideas to a marketing audience. Read More >>


Compliance Chat

Jeff Jacobs

For Apple, It May Not Be the Money

You’ve probably heard the buzz created when Apple's attorneys contacted promotional products distributors last week. The issue is aftermarket charging cords and AC adapters sold that connect to iPads, iPhones and iPods, and Apple’s claim that they infringe on Apple patents. Read More >>


Jeff's Rant

Jeff Solomon, MAS

I Could Have Slept In Too

Sleeping in may not be the most refreshing thing I could do early on a Saturday morning. In my first commentary, I shared my thoughts as I was out running one morning. Read More >>


Selling Smarter

Rosalie Marcus

Year-end Tips to Increase Sales Now!

While some may be slacking off this time of year, savvy promotional products sales professionals know that it's not too late to bring in year-end sales. Here are five things you can do now to maximize your sales. Read More >>


Kiwi's Coaching Corner

Paul  Kiewiet

Stop Doing What's Not Working

Are you still wondering when things will get back to "normal"? Sorry, but what you're experiencing is the new normal. It's time to wake up to the fact that what worked for you in 2007 is not going to work for you in 2015. If you're still working in the same way, prospecting in the same way and it's not working for you—guess what? It's time to rethink your business. Read More >>


Million Dollar Mindset with Greg Muzzillo

Greg Muzzillo

New Year's Revolutions

You’ve heard many times that the definition of insanity is to continue to do the same things and expect different results.

Do you want new results in the new year?

Do you want revolutionary results in the new year?



Quick Thoughts by Cliff Quicksell, MAS

Cliff Quicksell, MAS

Athletics and Business Intertwine to Show Life Lessons: Thoughts from an Athlete Parent

As I was growing up—and even to this day, I am very involved in athletics. As a high-schooler and through university, I participated in varsity track, basketball and baseball, and studied martial arts, achieving my black belt in tae kwon do and hapkido. I learned many valuable lessons that have been tenets for me to this day; lessons that I use and have passed on to both my children, Caitlin and Alex. Read More >>


Beyond Words

Rebecca Kollmann, MAS+

Taming the Monster

Today, we’re going to look at something very small, but also very important. It’s unseen by many, lurking in the shadows. If left alone, it will mushroom and infiltrate communication channels everywhere. Like a virus, it is contagious. For those who recognize its quiet fury, there is a look of sorrow and shaking of the head. No hazmat suit can protect us, however, a dictionary can. Read More >>


Be Bold, Be Different, Be Memorable

Rick Greene, MAS

Setting Annual Sales Goals are a Waste of Time II—Sales Goals Strike Back

For some people, setting sales goals is not a waste of time. It's all about perceptions, really—perceptions that empower and motivate you—and about being in control.  Read More >>


Guest Blogs

Guest Contributor

How Can a 3D Printer Make You Money?

One of the most difficult parts of getting the sale is showing the customer exactly what they want when they want it. More often than not, this is an immediate need. Read More >>


Editor's Notes

Nichole Stella

The Perfect Match

The Super Bowl has also become the Ad Bowl, where brands duke it out to see who has the funniest, stickiest ad in the land. Read More >>



Kyle Richardson

The Best Laid Plans

Why it's always smart to keep a planner with your schedule and important documents, and why it's never smart to take photos with your cell phone on a boat. Read More >>


Promotional Fashionista

Colleen McKenna

5 Soccer Promotions for After the World Cup

Studies show that Americans prefer soccer to NASCAR. Here are five items to sell to soccer fans.



Mike's Blog

Michael Cornnell

Interview with Jason Black, CEO of Top Distributor Boundless Network

Ranking #19 on the Top 50 List, Black shares his thoughts on the future of the industry and what has made Boundless so successful. Read More >>


The Hot Button

Mary Ellen Sokalski, MAS

"How It's Made" Can Make You More

The show "How Its Made" is celebrating its 22nd season on television. How can we be a hit, season after season, for our clients and prospects in the apparel trade? Read More >>


Be Dazzled

Elise Hacking Carr

Got Control Issues?

Does chaos define you? How you respond to certain situations says a lot about your character. Here are five quotes to help you keep it real and get inspired.



Big Picture Promo

Matt Kaspari, CAS

Meeting Clients Where They Are

Promotional marketing is at its best when it empowers a client’s brand, meets his or her objectives and fits within a specified budget. It is at this point that the focus shifts from offering options to providing solutions, which goes hand in hand with solving a client's problems—some of which they might not even know they have.



My Two Cents

Rick Brenner

For Promotional Product Sales, Protect Your Client's Brand

Whether you are selling to a global brand like Nike or to your local YMCA, no single asset is more valuable to your client than the client's good name. Read More >>


Friday Sales-thought of the Week!

Dale Limes, MAS

Reverse Engineer Your Sales Success

Steven Covey reminds us that when setting goals ... "Start with the end in mind." That is to visualize the end result that you hope to accomplish and start your planning process from there ... "With the end in mind." Read More >>


The Sales Challenge

Bill Farquharson

Think and Succeed

What would happen if you woke up in the morning and your first thought was, "I am never going to sell anything today. Why would anyone buy anything from me? I'll be lucky to even survive." Read More >>


Creating More Purposeful Sales Conversations

Lisa Leitch, CSP, MAS

Under 100 Days to Achieve 2011 Goals

It's hard to believe, but there are fewer than 100 days left to achieve 2011 goals! Are you on track to achieve your sales goals? Read More >>