Prospecting… Are You Hunting or Fishing?

How would you like to add a few BIG fish to your account list?

You know… the type of accounts that are fun and profitable. The type of accounts where the buyers like you, trust you and see you as their promotional advisor?

Wouldn’t it be great to find two or three or 50? Well you can do exactly that if you learn how to go Fishing for new accounts instead of Hunting for new accounts!

The first step is to be likeable, and if you are in sales you are probably very likeable. Remember the Law of Attraction? People like you and follow you because of who you are and how you present yourself.

Too many times we feel we have to go out and get people—hunt them down and get them to buy, and too many times we say the wrong thing because we are so eager to make a sale we become very aggressive and scare them away.

When an animal is being hunted it runs away because it thinks it is going to die.

So if we go out and hunt for people—the natural psychological reaction that people have is to run away because they think something bad is going to happen to them.

Don’t do this any longer… there is a better way to find new accounts!

Think about how fishing is different from hunting. When you go hunting you hide from the animal so you don’t scare them away, and if they show up you blast them. When you go fishing you put out some bait and wait for the fish to come to you.

If your prospects think you are on the hunt they will reject you every time, however, if you put out the right bait your prospects will come to you.

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